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Best Unsurpassed Non-Surgcal Fat Loss Nigeria

Stubborn fat on your body is difficult to shed, despite endless diets and gym sessions. Venus Aesthetics has a fantastic solution that is non-invasive and delivers amazing results – body contouring using the latest and celebrity sought-after UltraShape Power technology by Syneron–Candela.


This ground-breaking treatment is a safe, effective, and comfortable way of eliminating body fat that refuses to leave easily. The procedure is administered and supervised in our state-of-the-art clinic by experienced and qualified professionals. Expect visible results within as less as two weeks.


We make sure to customise the treatment procedure as per your unique, individual requirements. UltraShape Power works towards sustainable response, which is more rapid than that delivered by any other fat-reduction device. You can lose as much as 2-5 cm of fat within 3 treatment sessions!

At Venus Aesthetics, Fat Loss Smart-Lipolysis treatment package is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to liposuction in Nigeria, that eliminates denatured fat in the desired treatment area without the risks, downtime and loss of skin elasticity associated with surgery.

This technique is popular, especially amongst people who are adverse to painful surgical techniques. It works towards fat reduction and body reshaping by using pulsed ultrasound. Selective destruction of fat cells happens without damaging the tissues or muscles.
Body contouring is way different from more invasive cosmetic procedures like liposuction. It is totally non-surgical and does not heat or freeze fat to remove it. So, with our body contouring treatment, clients experience zero-scar, no-pain fat destruction and measurable circumference reduction within no time.
It is an effective treatment to contour your body shape to perfection. Each treatment session lasts an hour and achieves a fat reduction rate of 20-30%.


  It is best suited for:

•  Tummy and abdomen
•   Inner and outer thighs
•  Buttocks
•  Arms
•  Hips

"How Does It Work?"
“What’s The Experience Like?”

At Venus Aesthetic, we make sure to deliver body contouring / sculpting treatments of the highest standards. All our procedures are administered by qualified practitioners in our modern, comfortable treatment facilities.


A friendly, personable team of cosmetic physicians and nurses attend our clients and focus on helping them achieve their body shape goals. The treatment session involves the application of a gel and then the UltraShape equipment to select problem areas.


This advanced technology intermittently delivers ultrasound pulses. Meanwhile, clients can relax throughout the treatment, because it causes zero pain. After an hour-long indulgence, clients can immediately go back to their normal routine.

 “Don’t Like Body Fat? Simply UltraShape It!”
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