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What Are Bra Bulge/Rolls?

Bra rolls or bulges refer to deposits of fat that bulge out around your bra straps. Procedures to reduce the fat along the back bra line help to improve the rolls created by the bra straps, the way the bra sits on the sides and back, and overall comfort.


The number on the bra size may be decreased by a size.

What You Need To Know!

Most women suitable for bra roll reduction have stubborn fat on the upper back, which result in poorly fitting bras, and multiple back rolls above and below the bra that can often be seen through a dress.

At Venus Aesthetics, Fat Loss Smart-Lipolysis treatment package is a non-invasive, non-surgical alternative to liposuction that eliminates denatured fat in the desired treatment area without the risks, downtime and loss of skin elasticity associated with surgery.

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