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“For Beautiful, Smoother Skin”

Although a common condition, cellulite is definitely ugly. Caused by the build-up of subcutaneous fat under the skin, it gives a dimpled appearance that looks like an orange peel. And those dimple stuff don’t look nice on your skin, do they? No wonder most women prefer to do without it.

The bad news is normal exercise and diet won’t cut it, causing much frustration. The good news is a toned, contoured, and cellulite-free body is possible with treatment from Venus Aesthetics. We know just the right way to make them budge!

We use the latest cellulite removal technology available in world – VelaShape III by Syneron-Candela – a non-surgical, non-invasive, painless procedure meant for zero downtime cellulite treatment. Look and feel younger and make your skin gorgeous again.

Expect visible results in just three sessions! Of course, results would improve the longer you have the treatment. At Venus Aesthetics, our way of work is absolutely reliable and client-centric.

We have always been early technology adopters and VelaShape III is the newest incorporation in our establishment. With it, we aim at raising our aesthetic prowess a tad more.

This procedure of cellulite reduction promotes skin tightening by working directly and precisely on problem areas. Get ready for zero downtime cellulite treatment merged with high-degree customer satisfaction levels. It works best on the following problem areas:

  • Abdomen

  • Thighs

  • Buttocks

  • Flanks

  • Arms

“What’s The Experience Like?”

At Venus Aesthetics, we administer cellulite treatment in our modern and well-equipped clinic. We’ve employed trained and experienced therapists who are very personable. The objective is to make clients feel comfortable and relaxed while they undergo the treatment.

The VelaShape technology uses infrared light, vacuum and bi-polar radio frequency energy for cellulite removal. These in turn stimulated collagen and elastin production in the body so as to create beautiful, flawless, cellulite-free skin.

It’s more of a massage adjusted to the individual comfort levels of clients. No pain is involved and no downtime either. Clients can get back to their routine life immediately, since recovery time is zero. Some people might experience warmth around the treated area for a few hours and a pinkish tinge on it. Overall, it is all about total comfort.

“Time To Make Cellulite A Thing Of The Past”
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