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Meet Our Doctor

Dr Xen's journey started when he spent one year in the USA (post high school) with the aim of studying medicine there. He was accepted into 3 Universities / Colleges, but opted to come back to South Africa as he believed that the South African medical degree was world class and offered a massive amount of practical experience not seen anywhere in the world.
He completed his MBChB at the University of Pretoria in 2004 and did his government responsibilities in Cape Town and Boksburg before moving into private practice. 
He became a partner in one of Johannesburg's premier ER units as well as a private practice in the esteemed Melrose Arch. It was there in The Arch Medical and Melrose Aesthetic Centre where he developed his passion for Anti-Aging and Preventative Medicine. He realized that medicine is, in its nature, a retrospective science. Once a problem occurs, it is treated. He believes that it would make more sense to be proactive and increase one’s health-span rather than waiting for problems to arise. 
During the same time Dr Xen was a partner in a Coffee Shop in the Bedfordview area. Here he developed his passion for business and client care on a different level than what medicine provides. 
In 2010 Dr Xen joined Skin & Body Renewal where he spent 7 years of his professional career before deciding to branch out and use his experience in new environments.
It was now, whilst looking for different ways to make an impact, that the paths of Dr Xen and the driving force behind Venus Aesthetics, crossed.

It was immediately apparent that Venus Aesthetics and its ethos would make it a world class facility and that drew Dr Xen’s attention.

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Meet Our Therapist

Fercia Behm was born in Malmesbury, Western Cape, where she lived during her entire school career. After school, she travelled to London for further studies. When she returned to South Africa, she studied Beauty Therapy at Tygerberg College (Northlink College) at Parow, Cape Town. She achieved an international certification in ITEC. She worked at different Spas during 15 years career as a Beauty Therapist.

Fercia's true passion is making people feel better about themselves. When she had the opportunity to join the team at Venus Aesthetics Nigeria, she was over the moon with excitement. She believes that with the exceptional high standards of Venus Aesthetics Nigeria, working in a professional environment and closely with a Medical Doctor, will ensure her patients walk the path to best possible results.

She is result driven and will go an extra mile to satisfy her patients. Now she can live and work her dream and passion everyday. 

She is a very fun loving person and a care giver. Her favorite food is "traditional braai broodjie". 

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