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“Win Back Your Lost Complexion”

Although a common and harmless medical condition, hyperpigmentation is unacceptable owing to cosmetic reasons. It is caused by excessive melanin secretion due to sun damage, hormonal imbalance, hereditary issues, skin inflammation, and acne.


Whatever be it, the patchy, darkened skin areas do not make it any easier to live with, do they? We at Venus Aesthetics would like you to get rid of them in the most non-invasive way ever.


We bring to you a wonderful range of handpicked cosmetic treatments that balance out your skin colour with a smooth complexion. The treatment systems come from the world’s leading manufacturers, including the Obagi range of skin care products.


At Venus Aesthetics, we carefully curate the procedures and the products to be used so as to ensure their safety. We use only FDA-approved treatments that are effective especially for treating darker skin tones and any body part, including hands, face, and neck.

*  A treatment plan chalked out based on unique, individual needs.

*  Skin correction based on the severity of the hyperpigmentation.

*  A typical timeline of 18 weeks with visible results showing after the fourth week.

*  Development of an even tone as the treatment progresses.

*  A younger, healthier, and more refreshed skin towards the end of the treatment.

“At Venus Aesthetics, You
Can Expect...”
“Why Venus Aesthetics For Hyperpigmentation Correction?”

Venus Aesthetics is the leading cosmetic clinic in Abuja, specialising in the niche of hyperpigmentation treatment. With us, rest assured that you are in safe hands. The most skilled and experienced hands come to your aid.


Each treatment is administered by the nation’s leading consultant cosmetic physicians and dermatologists to ensure excellent results. Our goal is to make achieving flawless complexions an easy, affordable affair.


The treatment session begins with a prior consultation where we meet our clients face-to-face to fully understand the status of their condition and what their aesthetic goals are. Accordingly, an individualised treatment plan is meted out.


The target is to deliver immediate visible results and improve the same over time. Look ahead to unbelievable results in as less as two weeks of treatment. Let your skin radiate the natural glow!

“Clear Hyperpigmentation With A Smile”
Book Your Consultation Today By Calling  0809 155 5582 
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