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What Are Veiny Hands?

The skin on the hands age faster than other parts of the body because it’s thin and often exposed to sun and abrasion, therefore the sun breaks down the collagen in the hands, giving them wrinkles and creating dark spots. Another cause of wrinkles and veins in the hand is that they are more exposed to detergents and strong chemicals.

What You Need To Know!

To avoid wrinkled hands, sunscreen should be applied on them daily, as you would your face, neck and chest. Preventing sun damage also prevents the brown spots and the UV radiation-related breakdown of collagen and fatty connective tissue that provide springy support in the skin.


Volume and firmness can be replaced in the hands with laser treatments like Fraxel laser or Venus Viva treatments and long-lasting thick fillers such as Juvederm Voluma, and Radiesse among others.

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