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Venus Aesthetics skincare, body care  and anti-ageing clinic is a state-of-the-art medical aesthetic and cosmetic centre in Abuja Nigeria, offering the best most advanced minimally invasive procedures such as Botox, Dermal Fillers, Kybella, PRP as well as non-surgical fat loss - liposuction, body contouring and skin tightening in the prime Asokoro district of Abuja. We are a proud team of renowned leading consultant cosmetic and aesthetic physicians, dermatologists, and laser experts.

Most people have something about their skin, face, or body they would love to improve. At Venus Aesthetics, we address our clients’ skincare concerns.

Our procedures help reverse the signs of ageing, encourage fat loss, and much more, with an emphasis on real, natural results that enhance the client’s existing beauty.

Privacy and confidentiality of customers are paramount. We adhere to stringent policies and code of conduct to safeguard the same.

Absolutely customer-centric, we offer you personalised treatment so your individual needs are met. When you choose us, rest assured that you’re choosing only the best, most suitable treatment for yourself.

That Get Visible, Natural Results

We offer a focused approach to non-invasive techniques that enhance personal appearance and give our clients a boost. We focus on attention to detail, safety, customer care, and clinical excellence.


A consultation with one of the internationally experienced and talented members of our team is the first step to bringing our clients closer to their unique, desired goals. It begins with understanding the client’s goals and developing a bespoke treatment plan to achieve the desired results, without adverse effects.


We bring to you a diverse range of safe, advanced, and innovative non-invasive aesthetic procedures directed at treating cellulite, hyperpigmentation, sun damage of skin, and aiding in fat loss.

Our range of services include treatments for:

Raising The Confidence In You

At Venus Aesthetics, every client matters. We believe in skin care innovations to the core. This is why we have employed a handpicked motley of professionals coming from diverse fields of aesthetic treatment.
Together, they work towards adopting novel procedures to bring about results that are better than the best. Our promise to you is to deliver results that are most organic, without being over the odds when it comes to costs.
We’re here for your personal enhancement, presenting you with incredible aesthetic care to help you look and feel your best. Come, make the most out of your beauty visit at Venus Aesthetics.
The treatments we offer are administered by leading cosmetic physicians, dermatologists, and laser experts. Our cosmetic clinic is fully regulated and adheres to all applicable laws and treatment guidance.
This means the presence of qualified and experienced doctors and aestheticians delivering outstanding care and services. Privacy and confidentiality policies are strictly adhered to in our practice. Everyone deserves to look healthy, happy, and beautiful - our job is to enhance the natural beauty of our clients and make them feel great.

You Are In Safe Hands

At Venus Aesthetics Skin and Body care treatment clinic Nigeria, we maintain the highest standards in cosmetic care, offering you safe and innovative non-invasive skin care, body sculpting, and laser treatments. We take pride in our unrivalled dominance in the area of aesthetic expertise.
Combining our wealth of experience and knowledge with cutting edge treatment procedures, we adhere to all applicable laws and treatment guidance. All our cutting edge treatments are FDA approved technologies, so they are safe and effective.
Functional as a fully-regulated cosmetic clinic, we endeavour to facilitate considerate, sustainable treatment, making sure all client queries are addressed prior to treatment and informed decisions are made. We strive for total customer satisfaction that comes with zero complaints. Our goal is to help our clients achieve individualised cosmetic results.

For quality cosmetic treatment, 
Look no further!!!
Call Us Now On 0809 155 5582 To Book An Appointment
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