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It’s unclear exactly what causes the appearance of skin tags and lesions. Genetics and lifestyle factors (such as being overweight) are said to play a part in their presence across the skin. 

CryoPen XP treatment is an advanced version of its previous counterpart (CryoPen), employing pinpoint accuracy that works down to a millimetre. It works by freezing unwanted skin lesions. 

CryoPen XP triggers the skin’s own natural healing processes to remove them. The CryoPen itself is very similar to a regular pen in its appearance and is therefore non-intimidating to patients.


Procedure time:

25 mis





Duration time:

8 Months


Procedure Time:

20-45 mins



Results Duration:


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The Procedure

After an initial consultation with our medical aesthetics doctor, treatment can proceed. 

A fine jet of nitrous oxide under gentle, high pressure is administered to the lesion, crystallising it, destroying the tissue and causing it to disappear. The body then repairs the skin.

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Post-treatment, your skin will have a more even complexion and tone, as the lesions will have been eradicated. This makes skin appear healthier, younger and rejuvenated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Clinical research has shown the effects are permanent after just one session. However, some types of lesion may return across other areas of your skin if you are predisposed to them.

You may experience some very minor irritation or itching for a few hours afterwards.

You should avoid touching, scratching or picking the area until it has fully healed (this takes around 2 weeks). Should any blisters form, you should avoid touching or popping them. It’s recommended that you wear SPF 50 sun block until the area has healed.