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Dr. Necca

Medical Director

Dr. Necca Opara graduated from medical school with distinctions and has been awarded prizes for academic and clinical excellence, as well receiving merit awards for humanitarian services to indigent and underserved communities in Nigeria. She has also completed a Diploma in Facial Aesthetics among innumerable bespoke certified medical aesthetic courses in the United Kingdom. 

Dr. Necca Opara is the Founder and Medical Director of Venus Aesthetics, a key player in the budding and aggressively growing medical aesthetics industry in Nigeria. Dr. Necca Opara is an internationally certified and highly experienced aesthetic injector performing the latest advanced anti-wrinkle, dermal filler treatments, chemical skin peels/rejuvenating therapies and intralipotherapy body contouring treatments, among a myriad of non-invasive procedures offered at Venus Aesthetics. 

Her passion about aesthetic medicine resonates not only with offering the most advanced Injectable treatments at Venus Aesthetics & Laser Centre, but also the demand for excellence to remain at the forefront of her field. This desire has led to the introduction of latest techniques & technologies from across the world that are safe, effective and target different aspects of the same condition. That means for any one condition, she can offer her patients multiple solutions, depending on their preference, desired result and medical history.

Dr. Esther

Aesthetic Physician

Dr Esther Kekong Chukwu is an internationally trained medical practitioner from the renowned Kharkiv medical university, Ukraine. She is licensed to practice medicine both abroad and in Nigeria.

The past few years of her medical practice has been dedicated to developing her knowledge and skills in aesthetics. She boosts of trainings in united kingdom and derives satisfaction in constant learning in her quest to continue to deliver top-notch treatments and aesthetic solutions.

She is high spirited, an excellent communicator and extremely attentive to details. With her you can hope to get grounded knowledge and proper understanding of all treatments options and procedures.

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Nurse Damilola Rilwan, a seasoned registered nurse with an extensive background in clinical practice. With over 5 years of experience providing top-notch patient care, She is passionate about promoting skin health and beauty.

Her areas of expertise span a wide range of specialized treatments and procedures. She is highly skilled in personalized therapeutic intravenous infusions, ensuring that each patient receives a customized approach to their individual needs. Additionally, Nurse Dami is well versed in performing medical-grade facials, using the latest techniques to rejuvenate and enhance the skin’s appearance.

One of her key strengths lies in her proficiency with electrocautery and other non-invasive procedures. She utilizes these innovative techniques to provide effective and minimally invasive solutions to various skin concerns. Nurse Damilola is committed to staying up-to date with the latest advancements in the field, always striving to offer her patients the most cutting-edge treatments available.

Aside from her technical expertise, Nurse Damilola is known for her friendly and compassionate nature. She understands that patient comfort and satisfaction are paramount, and goes above and beyond to ensure that each individual feels at ease throughout their entire experience. She places a strong emphasis on building positive relationships with her clients,
consistently prioritizing their needs and offering them the highest level of care.

Whether you are seeking personalized therapeutic infusions, medical-grade facials or noninvasive procedures, She is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and helping you achieve your desired outcomes. With her extensive clinical experience, passion for skin health, and commitment to client satisfaction, Nurse Damilola is truly a valuable asset to our team.


Medical Aesthetician

Nancy is a certified beauty therapist with years of experience as an aesthetician. She holds a BSc in biochemistry from Anambra State University, Uli and has extensive knowledge in chemical peels, acne treatments, skin tightening, medical-grade facials and other non-invasive procedures.

Prior to joining Venus Aesthetics, Nancy worked with Eudokas, a skincare formulation company in Lagos.

Nancy is passionate about skin health. Her interest in skincare dates back to her childhood, having been exposed to skincare while growing up. Nancy spends her leisure reading and researching on skincare and often gets fulfilled when she solves her clients skin concern